About Us

In the light of professional experience and knowledge from 1996 until today, The medical devices factory Aleda, which was established in 2014, continues its activities with 20 years of industry experience and expert staff, producing sport surgery implants and ancillary products, orthopedic trauma and spine surgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery implants; manufactures and sells under its own brands as well as OEM and OBL. Aleda supplies its productions to both domestic and foreign markets with CE and ISO13485:2016 quality certificates.



We work with the awareness that human health is superior to everything else.



In the era of rapidly developing technology, to support customers in line with quality, price and timely delivery criteria with solutions suitable for the sector. We effectively serve all the specialized and diverse needs of the medical community; fulfil the missing gap while conducting our selves with honesty and integrity. We dedicate our efforts to our customers and our suppliers.


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